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No More Wasted Paint!

Tired of students mixing a cup of paint to paint one little section of a painting? How about the tons of paint getting washed down your sink? Or the dried up palettes and ruined brushes? This mini-workshop covers it all - from color mixing techniques to clean up

Join your favorite art teacher, Tiffany Fox, to learn how to get great results for your students!

Get ready for an amazing workshop on acrylic painting basics to get great results for your students!

This EASY to follow step-by-step tutorial covers foolproof strategies for mixing hues, tints and shades so that students only mix what they actually NEED.

Value Scale demonstration covers mixing ratios as well as classroom management tips and tricks for guaranteed student success.

Value Scale Worksheet included in workshop materials

Free Workshop: Acrylic Painting Basics: No More Wasted Paint!

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